Large Bone Temporary External Fixation System

The AOS Temporary External Fixation System is indicated for external fixation of open and/or unstable fractures of the tibia, femur, and spanning of the knee and ankle joints.


The Temporary External Fixation is intended for stabilization where soft tissue injury may preclude the use of other fracture treatments of internal fixation, and is intended to be non-weight bearing.

The modular design of the AOS External Fixation System allows versatility for surgeon preference and frame construct. Composed of MRI compatible material, the system provides radiolucent viewing of the fracture, and is lightweight thereby enhancing patient comfort and postoperative mobility. By excelling on the adept design of each component, the AOS system exhibits a greater degree of versatility by minimizing the number of elements.


  • Multiple Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Rods in length options 175, 200, 250, 300, 400, 450, 600mm.

  • High quality non-ferromagnetic 316L stainless steel (ASTM F138). Threaded Pins to increase construct strength and rigidity – options include: 5.0mm Threaded Half Pin, 6.0mm Center Pin, and 3.0mm Threaded Pin.

  • Color-coded pin-to-bar and bar-to-bar clamps offer a tight axis of rotation, allowing 6° of freedom by featuring a unique pivotal “poker-chip” design to increase stability after tightening.

  • Leaf spring design allows “snap-fit” technology for interlocking pin-to-bar and bar-to-bar clamps.

  • System includes a high precision single-bolt tightening assembly to achieve desired axial tension of bar-to-bar and pin-to-bar constructs.

Large Bone Temporary External Fixation System


Large Bone Temporary External Fixation System Surgical Technique - Download PDF