7.0mm Cannulated Screw System

The AOS 7.0mm Cannulated Screw System is designed to optimize surgical outcomes while simplifying procedures.


This system presents to the surgeon the optimal choice of implants, instruments, and disposables for all indicated hip, pelvis, and extremity fracture treatments. The 7.0mm Cannulated Screws offer stable fracture fixation with minimal trauma to vascular supply, providing interfragmentary compression and stability across the fracture, thus helping to create an improved environment for bone healing and accelerating the patients return to previous mobility and function.

Screw Indications & Applications



  • Low-profile screw head for reduced soft-tissue irritation.

  • Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V for improved strength and biocompatibility.

  • Made of CT and MRI compatible materials.

  • Reverse cutting flute facilitates removal.

  • Self-drilling/tapping design for efficient cutting.

  • Larger 3.2mm diameter, threaded tip guide pin for improved stability and ease of insertion.

7.0mm Cannulated Screw System

7.0mm Cannulated Screw Sales Sheet - Download PDF