Newton Humeral Nail System

The AOS Newton Humeral Nail System consists of both Short and Long Intramedullary Nails. The system includes a 15cm Short Nail (or Proximal Nail) which offers advanced fixation for 2-, 3-, and some 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus.


With a proximal bend of 6 degrees, the AOS short nail is best suited for simple two-part fractures of the proximal humerus involving the surgical neck of the humerus and proximal third humeral fractures without comminution. In these scenarios, the bend facilitates an easier entry portal attainment and nail insertion with an incision just medial to the rotator cuff insertion.

The Long Humeral Nail is primarily indicated for humeral shaft fractures which are inherently not prone to varus malposition. The lateral portal design allows insertion just medial to the rotator cuff and facilitates easier portal attainment and nail insertion. The Long Nails range from 20 to 30cm in length and 7-9mm in diameter.

As a design rational, the AOS Humeral Nail System was formulated by closely examining past challenges presented in humeral nailing procedures. With these challenges in mind, AOS has included new and innovative features to the instruments and implants.

Long Nail


Short Nail




  • Threaded proximal holes in every nail to eliminate screw back out.

  • Self reaming tip to allow for less bone disruption at the entry site and decrease O.R. time (Short Nail).

  • 5mm of compression. This is accomplished intraoperatively through the jig allowing for exact and reproducible compression results (Long Nail).

Newton Humeral Nail System


Newton Humeral Nail System Surgical Technique - Download PDF

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