About Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions

Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions designs, manufactures, and markets orthopaedic trauma products, specializing in intramedullary fixation devices for minimally invasive surgical procedures. We rely on surgeon input to create solutions which are less invasive, more cost effective and reduce surgical OR time, without compromise to the patient.

AOS is a privately held company founded in 2001. AOS’s management team has a heritage and combined experience working in all aspects of the orthopaedic and trauma market. Our four founding partners bring together expertise in R&D, Operations, U.S. and International Sales.

AOS is entirely focused on the orthopaedic trauma industry. We base our success by relying on the expertise of the surgeon in developing new products and instruments for minimally invasive, precise and reproducible surgical procedures. Along with our surgeon champion base, AOS works with universities and research scientists to advance our knowledge and creativity in manufacturing improved product solutions. Our vertically integrated team enables the company to rapidly develop new products which are then clinically proven by experienced surgeons. AOS has a large base of manufacturing expertise within the U.S., utilizing ‘state of the art’ methods and practices that are compliant with US and International quality systems. Moreover, AOS’s products are distributed world wide through independent distributors and agents. By building on strong customer relationships, AOS strives to continue to improve every aspect of the way we do business.